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Pellet binding agent designed especially for feeds containing at least 3% molasses. MolastikⓇ firms up the molasses causing it to bind the feed ingredients into harder, more durable range blocks, cubes or pellets. MolastikⓇ also increases the water resistance of feed. Using 3 lb (1.5kg) of MolastikⓇ with 4-5% molasses provides superior binding.

Details about this product

INGREDIENTS:  Calcium: 41.00%, Iron (% Bioavailable): 5.00%, Potassium: 0.20%, Zinc: 0.06%, Copper: 0.02%, Manganese: 0.04%.

PACKAGING PRESENTATION: 50 pound multi-wall, poly-lined paper bags.


A powerful all-purpose, mid-inclusion modified lignin sulfonate pellet binder that improves pellet quality. Super-Bind works on all feed types with a use rate of 10 to 25 lb per ton (5 kg to 12.5 kg per tonne). When replacing high-inclusion lignin sulfonate, use a ratio of approximately 1 lb (.5 kg) to every 2 lb (1 kg) of full-strength lignin. When replacing medium inclusion binders, replace at equal use rates. Super-Bind is available in powder or liquid form.

Details about this product

INGREDIENTS:  Ash: 1.00 to 3.20%, Crude Fiber: 0.03 to 0.50%, Crude Fat: 0.03 to 0.25%, Moisture: <7.00%, Nitrogen as ammonia: 3.00 to 4.60.

PACKAGING PRESENTATION: 50 pound multi-wall, poly-lined, valve pak bags. 40 bags per pallet. Also available in 2000 lb tote bags.


UNI-BONDⓇ a low-inclusion urea formaldehyde condensation polymer, which provides binding and weatherproofing. UNI-BONDⓇ is used in wild game feeds, premix pellets in textured feeds, calf creep feeds, range cubes and pressed blocks where improved weatherproofing is desired. UNI-BONDⓇ is also used as an anti-bridging agent in urea feeds. Use 1 to 3 lb per ton (0.5 to 1.5 kg per tonne); if currently using a urea formaldehyde binder, replace at equal economic rates.

Details about this product

INGREDIENTS:  Urea Formaldehyde Condensation Polymer.

PACKAGING PRESENTATION: 50 pound sewn, woven/barrier bag with heat sealed inner poly bag. Forty bags per pallet. Also available in 2,000 lb tote sacks.

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