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We have a fierce drive to help you increase productivity. A wide variety of BCI’s feed additives can be tailor-made to your exact specifications. We will work with you to match your technical requirements for your final product.



Specific anti-bacterial additive for feed used to control and prevent gastrointestinal diseases and poor performance due to the presence of pathogenic bacteria in feed and ingredients. ANDSALM provides a high concentration of active ingredients.


Strong anti-mold additive for feed and raw materials used to control and prevent mold in feed for all animal species. High concentration of active ingredients.


Strong anti-bacterial and anti-vibrio additive. This product is a combination of and organic acids essential oils used to control malicious diseases in all animal species, including shrimp.


INMUNOAND, a source of Beta Glucans and manna oligosaccharides (MOS). This product is used to promote gastrointestinal health and increases animal overall performance.


Combination of Sodium Butyrate, Organic Acids and Prebiotics. All ingredients are of the higher quality and in the perfect quantity to act in a synergistic way. Growth promoter and diarrhea prevention which help you to decrease the medication.


Sodium butyrate 54%. Chemical protection. Double buffer, allows the butyrate to be protected from dissociation in pH range from 2 to 7. Low smell. No hygroscopic.


Sodium butyrate 40%. Fat coated.

No odor and low dissociation in the stomach.

High stability to do its action in the small intestine and colon. The high concentration and protection make it the most cost-effective product on the market.


Sodium butyrate 80%. Fat coated.

No odor and low dissociation in the stomach.

High stability to do its action in the small intestine and colon. The high concentration and protection make it the most cost-effective product on the market.


Solid omega 3 fatty acid source. Dietetic complement for commercial layers, horses, dogs, cats, sows and piglets. High Content of DHA and EPA.


Mineral premix based on zinc oxide (ZnO) protected, of a high bioavailability and physical protection (microencapsulation). This protection confers the product a direct action in the intestine. No need of veterinarian prescription.


Our COLISTOP plus Formic acid at high levels, FOS (active fiber) and Natural essential oils of garlic.

Less intestinal pathology (diarrhea). Working as a growth promoter. The exclusive Zinc Oxide specially protected that resolves problems with a low dose!


Dietetic complement for dairy cows, sheeps and goats. Solid glucose precursor. Natural prevention of ketosis (Clinical and subclinical). It increases milk production and reduces reproductive problems.

Mycotoxin Binders


A mineral Mycotoxin Binder, Clinoptilolite. Binder of multiple mycotoxins like Aflatoxin, T2, Don, Zearalenone & Ocratoxin.


A premium polar and non-polar mycotoxin binder. This product consists of a combination of specific mineral binders (Clinoptilolite + Bentonite) and organic ingredients: MOS and Betaglucans (yeast cell walls). Highest spectrum of action possible.


Mineral Mycotoxin Binder and also mold controller due to the action of organic acid. The combination of 2 propionic sources (free acid + calcium propionate) makes the product act against molds in both short and medium terms.


Complete product with a premium Mycotoxin Binder (andSORB MOS) and also mold controller due to the action that acids has in it.


Diatomic is 100% Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomic is a naturally occurring siliceous mineral that adheres to the waxy cuticle or body hairs of insect pests and is therefore effective against a wide range of insect pests including the ectoparasites of poultry, beetles (alphitobius diaperinus), mites, ticks, ants, spiders. grasshoppers and cockroaches.


Bentonite granular grade. These are pure, sodium Bentonites produced as a granular material for use when larger particles, and free-of-dust are valuable properties


Pel-Stik is an all-purpose, low-inclusion, modified lignin sulfonate pellet binder. Pel-Stik improves steam penetration into the feed particles and improves compression of high fiber feeds, specialty feeds with fat, and feeds with low levels of molasses. Pel-Stik takes up less room in the formula, and reduces handling and storage problems. Use 3 to 8 lb per ton (1.5 to 4 kg per ton) of feed. When replacing high-inclusion lignin, use a ratio of 1 lb (.5 kg) of Pel-Stik to every 5 lb (2.5 kg) of lignin.


Pellet binding agent designed especially for feeds containing at least 3% molasses. Molastik firms up the molasses causing it to bind the feed ingredients into harder, more durable range blocks, cubes or pellets. Molastik also increases the water resistance of feed. Using 3 lb (1.5kg) of Molastik with 4-5% molasses provides superior binding.


Super-Bind is an all purposes, medium inclusion lignin pellet binder designed to improve pellet quality. Super-Bind is a lignin sulfonate, which has been modified during processing to provide a feed binder with powerful plasticizing properties and tack. This combination produces durable pellets that are not brittle and less apt to crack or break up during normal handling. Super-Bind solubilizes in the steam chamber and forms a strong adhesive coating on the surface of the feed particles. As the coated particles pass through the die, the Super-Bind is forced into the voids between the feed particles, bonding them firmly together to provide a more durable pellet.


Uni-Bond is an animal feed binder which improves pellet quality and is:

  • Low inclusion
  • Cost effective
  • Free flowing
  • Reduces bridging of urea feeds
  • Improves pellet stability of premix pellets in textured feeds
  • Increases weather ability of wild game feeds, calf creep feeds, range cubes, and feed blocks
Specialty Products


Cholesterol is an essential additive for shrimp feed. The best way to support growth. Cholesterol is a white, almost odorless, crystalline powder, which is made by the extraction and refining process from wool grease. Cholesterol is soluble in most common organic solvents and vegetable oils; insoluble in water. As an antioxidant 100 I.E./kg alfa-tocopherol is added.

L-LYSINE 98.5 %

L-Lysine monohydrochloride is a high quality, granular product specifically designed for the feed industry. Produced from advanced technology, this product is composed of 100% isomerically pure L-Lysine, which translates into 100% bioavailability for swine, poultry, and other animals.


L-Threonine is a high quality product specifically designed for the feed industry. Produced from advanced technology, L-Threonine is composed of 100% isomerically pure L-Threonine. 98.5% Feed Grade is a highly purified, granular form of supplement.

Vitamin and Mineral Premixes

Tailor Made Concentrated Premix Formula for all species. We can provide premixes to nearly any customer specification. Our premix formulations are manufactured to the highest standards for product quality, safety, efficacy and traceability while meeting strict regulatory requirements.


Contact us if you are looking for a specific product not listed here. BCI will use its resources and strong reputation to meet your needs.